Split infrared fork light barriers with chopped light trigger (5-pin plug)
Order No.:6431-00000-0064

Feed control
Position control
Parts counting in assembly lines

Pin configuration

CircuitChopped light trigger
Operating voltagemin. 12 VDC
 max. 24 VDC
Current consumptionmax. 60 mA
Mode of operationstatic / dynamic (switchable, default setting: static)
Pulse extensionmax. 100 ms
Sensitivity2 levels: I/II
Output with LEDPNP (NPN amplifier on request)
FunctionBright/dark function
Load currentshort-circuit proof 200 mA
Repeating accuracy< 0,02 mm
Frequency 4 KHz
Temperature rangemin. 0 C
 max. 60 C
EMC according to 2004/108/EGIEC 801... CE
System of protectionIP 65

Distance A [mm]25125250
Part diameter [mm] with amplifier level I>0,9>0,4-
Part diameter [mm] with amplifier level II>1,2>0,8>0,5
Part diameter [mm] with pulse amplifier0,10,10,5

Recommendations / instructions for the use of the dual-level chopped light amplifier: Amplifier level I --> High resolution: Default setting for all split-type versions with small distances between transmitter and receiver, i.e. for A max. < 50 % ! Amplifier level II --> High performance reserve: Default setting for all split-type versions when used in oil mist environment or with large distances between transmitter and receiver (A max. > 50 %). The performance reserve is twice the level of amplifier level I.