Infrared fork light barriers PE-S2 6 mm series (with 7-pin connector S2)

Feed control
Position control

Fork light barrier without amplifier
Order No.TypeResolution
Part diameter with chopped light amplifier, amplifier level I
Part diameter with pulse amplifier
Fork width A
Fork depth B
6027-06006-0000 PE-5-5/S20,40,155
6028-06006-0000 PE-5-10/S20,40,1510
6029-06006-0000 PE-10-10/S20,50,11010
6032-06006-0000 PE-10-30/S20,50,11030
6034-06006-0000 PE-20-30/S20,80,12030
6036-06006-0000 PE-30-30/S21,00,13030